What is your best year going to be?

What will make this your best year on a bike? Come up with some goals of what you want to accomplish.
– Will you be stronger and able to finish a ride faster? Pick a particular ride and lay out a training schedule that lets you ramp up to the distance.
 – Will it be new toys or new destinations? Personally, while I enjoyed my Cannondales and the Seven, and even a compact crank, it is the trips that make the best memories for me. Corny ones like the time I paid 25 cents to ride across the Ohio river into West Virginia and then got lost trying to make it to Pennsylvania on back roads. The cable-stayed bridge I rode with Bob and friends in Batam, Indonesia, a decade before the Zakim opened. Lava fields on the big island of Hawaii that looked like broken Oreo cookies. I’ll cover some ideas for travel in a future post.
– If you might want to lose a few pounds, I’m the wrong guy to ask for advice. If you are riding consistently and pushing yourself, the fat should be turning into muscle.
My goal for 2015 is to train long distances to prepare for the PAC Tour. So far I have yet to break 50 miles as of April Fools Day, but the long days of spring and summer are not here yet. Riding across the US has been my goal for at least 20 years.
Quick idea of the week – carry your cell phone in a Zip-Lok bag. Newer phones are supposed to be water resistant but soaking an expensive piece of electronics in the brine running down your back is just asking for trouble. Leave a spare $20 in the bag so you are ready for action. Maybe even include a Dunkin’ Donuts coupon for when you bonk.

Chris Spear