What are you doing for the Boston Marathon?

I’m always a fan of “different”, just to get out of the usual rut. Here is a real turn of event: The Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride – find it on Boston Magazine and Facebook.  The basic ride departs at midnight from Hopkington and follows the Marathon route into Boston. In town you can enjoy a 2am pancake breakfast. Boston residents will take a train out to Hopkington to start the ride, then wobble back home after their meal. Suburban types like me will do the basic ride, have a mid-ride meal, then ride back to Hopkington. I’ve never done this so it is a big mystery.

Calling this a planned ride is perhaps a bit generous, with a variety of people starting and ending at a spectrum of locations. Dig out all your lights and come join us. With the hundreds of people predicted, most any lighting will do as the roads will be deserted. You may not need a lock – someone commented that with a 100 bikes piled around the Boston Common Coffee Co, on Washington Street at 2am, locks may be optional.

Oh, and don’t call my phone Monday. There is a 100% chance of morning grogginess.