The Big Countdown

The 2015 Pan Mass Challenge is August 1 & 2nd.By now you should be locked in on how you are going to train for the last few weeks. Time to think about your bike.

Plan on a quick service before the big ride. You don’t want to show up at the starting line with shifting issues or a tweety bird in your idler pulley, squeaking away. You also don’t want to change anything at the last minute; after a tuneup give yourself a weekend to stretch out any new cables. So the ideal time for a tuneup is the week of July 20th. This also gives you a little breathing room if your shop needs to order a special part.

Now is also a good time to replace worn items like tires and cleats. Most cleats need to be replaced every year or two. Before you take off the old one, draw around it with a black Sharpie on white soles or a silver Sharpie on black soles. Now you can swap in the new ones and get the alignment perfect.