Riding the Straight and Narrow

My previous blog entry discussed etiquette of riding in a pace line. One important idea is keeping a straight line. Few things ruin a pace line like an erratic rider who wanders back and forth. (Especially people with aero bars – sorry Ira!) Here is a quick tip even outside a pace line – practice riding smoothly by riding on the white line as long as possible. Pick a fairly straight section of road with a line that is smooth, with few cracks. Look down the road as you pedal and you can easily stay on top for a quarter mile. If you stare at the line in front of your wheel, 50 feet max. It’s all about being more mindful and balancing all the parts of being on a bike.

Mini-tip: dropped chain. If your chain falls off the front chain rings when shifting, just pedal gently and shift back. This trick works 99 times out of 100. (Maybe I need to adjust the front derailleur if it is happening 99 times!)