Your Best Year Ever

Every January, instead of making¬†resolutions¬†that I’ll never keep, I dream about how the coming year will be the best. This blog is about that idea – how to make your year in cycling awesome. Are you a new rider still trying to figure out cadence and fixing flats, or a 35 year veteran looking for ideas to spice up your ride? Read on! Racer boys, hard core mountain bikers? Maybe not.
Who am I? I have only been riding since 1983, so I still have a few years before I’m a veteran. My riding style is somewhere between MAMIL, charity rider, and tourist. I have 5 bikes, have never raced, am capable of basic maintenance, have been riding the Pan Mass Challenge since 1989, and have biked in 15 states and 9 countries, but have never done an organized tour.
What are your goals for the coming year? Bicycling magazine, always a bastion of tips and lists, wants you to get leaner, stronger, faster, and happier. Realistically, leaner is not going to happen for many of us. Instead, focus on riding more and eating OK and the weight should take care of itself. Stronger and faster? As Eddie Merckx is rumored to have said, “Ride lots”.
Two topics I will avoid are nutrition and exercises. These don’t generalize very well, with many fads winking in and out faster than the road stripes disappearing beneath your wheels.
Here is your fun link of the week. Two actually! Leave it to a couple of crazy Brits to take a rental bike to the Massif Central.
Then they took it up a notch. Beyond Franconia Notch!

Who wants to be the first person to ride the PMC on a Hubway?

Keep calm and ride on!
Chris Spear