Day 0 San Diego to San Diego

Reach for the beach

Today we rode from the San Diego Seven Seas Best Western to the beach and back, 16.6 miles to start the 2015 Southern PAC Tour.

2015-09-12 09.13.46

We rode to the beach for the traditional “dip the wheels” photo.

2015-09-12 06.58.29

Of course this meant taking off my cleated shoes and carrying the bike across the sand. This is in the San Diego Mission district at the Dog Beach, but luckily all we stepped on was sea weed. Here is Jim (a well known dog aficionado) with tomorrow’s mountain’s in the background.

2015-09-12 07.03.45

Not normally a gambling man, I started a “flat pool.” The first and last flats of the tour split the pot. It is only a buck, so cheating should be minimal. To bad I didn’t start this yesterday. Lynn from NYC barely made it out of the parking lot before going BANG. It took three people to fix it.

Please support my ride to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Chris Spear