Find yourself by getting lost

It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. Laying in my bed, my mind races over bills, kids, jobs, and that dream I just had with Pee Wee Herman and Selma Hayek. So I do the same thing I do every night, pretend to ride my favorite routes through Harvard, Stow, or Bolton. I know these roads so well, every turn, dip, and town line just flows through my mind. In a few minutes I’m snoring again. (Sorry Laura!)

Today I rode some new roads, through Miles Standish Park, Plymouth, Bourne, Onset, and who knows where else. Stopped 4 times in 30 miles to check my phone to find where the heck I was. Rode 3 miles under power lines. The good news is that I had a MTB, the bad was that I had my bald tires pumped to 60psi for better traction on pavement, but terrible handling on gravel and sand. Didn’t matter. In the end I rode almost 45 miles and probably knew where I was less than half the time. Didn’t matter. Followed markers for two different club rides, not sure where they went. Didn’t matter.

Now is the time of year to take it easy, recover, and enjoy yourself. Who needs goals when it is freezing outside yet you hop on your street bike rather than the trainer.

Consider getting a mountain bike or fixie for winter riding. The fixie has no derailleurs and is much easier to clean, and encourages you to ride smoothly. Best of all – your LBS (Local Bike Shop) is almost deserted so you’ll get great service and a nice price.

Go out, remember what riding a bike was before you learned about training, heart rate zones, and carbon fiber. Enjoy yourself and get lost as you can’t ride fast if you don’t know where you are going.