Feel the panic

The PAC Tour recommends getting your bike tuned up at least a week in advance, so two weeks before leaving I had my cables and housing replaced, new chain, wheels trued, and everything given a sparkly shine. I replaced my tires and was all set. The front didn’t shift as well as I liked – oh well.

Last weekend I went for a ride with people from the shop and got my butt kicked. I wanted a long slow distance (LSD) ride, but hey, anything that gets my heart rate up is good, no? The front derailleur was still finicky so at the end of the ride I asked a mechanic to take a look. My bottom bracket (BB) was noticeably loose, just a week before the PAC tour and only a week after the tuneup. I dropped off the bike before lunch Saturday.

The shop was closed on Labor Day, and they had to order a new BB. I called on Wed – the BB arrived but was at a different store. Now I am really starting to panic.Should I bring my Ritchey Break-away travel bike? No, it is good for the occasional ride, but not a month. I would rather buy a low-end Trek Alpha, throw on my pedals and saddle and use that instead.

I called the shop three times on Thu, less than 24 hours before flying out. They finished installation and I picked it up by 4pm, about 12 hours before I was going to get up the next morning.

Now the bike is all packed up, ready for Jet Blue to whisk me away to San Diego. Go over the check list one last time, pretend to sleep for a few hours, and start the adventure!

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