Don’t be that guy, be this one

From raising two children, I’ve learned to give positive advice. “Stop hitting your brother”  does no good as the sibling still does not know what to do. “Go outside and keep away from your brother” worked better.

So I’ve tried to follow the same advice here. Today on the Climb to the Clouds, two people were stopped right in the middle on the intersection of Deershorn and Rt. 62 in Lancaster. Don’t be this guy! If you stop, pull completely off the road. Better yet, look for a driveway so you are fully out of traffic. Don’t make other riders and cars go around you.

If you have a choice of where to stop, generally pick a shaded spot. No need to sweat while you dig out an energy bar or change a flat. Two exceptions are if a place is thick with mosquitoes (they hate the sun) or in cold weather when you want to avoid getting chilled.

Speaking of obnoxious behavior, how annoying is it to be on the side of the road and have every passing rider ask if they can help? Actually it is quite helpful, so I try to be that annoying guy. Perhaps someone is not comfortable with changing a flat. At intersections someone may need directions. Be that annoying person who asks, because you might be on the other end.

Lastly, when someone asks for directions, always ask where they really want to go. Initially they might just ask how to get to an intersection that they passed a mile ago. Find out of they are actually going to Lexington, Mt. Wachusetts or Narnia. You can help with the first two, and probably should just ride off for the last.