Day 7 Winslow to Springerville AZ

And on the seventh day, they rested (not!)

After a lovely dinner of fried squash blossoms, bread and hummus from an extinct native tribe, and lamp served three ways, we all slept well at La Posada, especially after several tough days.

I think today is Saturday – in the real world. We loaded up and hit the road at 6:45am, riding into the rising sun in chilly weather. Today we covered 121.7 miles. A few days ago we rode on I-8, then I-10, and today we had the pleasure of I-40, with construction and large trucks. We also rode on Rt. 66, which has not been paved since Tod and Buz drove on it in their Corvette.

2015-09-19 16.49.32

We stopped at the Wigwam hotel in Holbrook, filled with 1950’s cars but no paying guests. The doors look too narrow for today’s American physiques.

2015-09-19 09.08.18

After then passing by Bucket of Blood Ave, we got on Rt. 180 for about 50 miles, pedaling past petrified forests that now only live in gift shops. By the 90 mile mark we had still only done half of the day’s climbing. Things were about to get interesting.

We made our last turn and were smacked in the face with a headwind. The road rose and fell, but overall kept climbing. The 95 degree day that had us all melting soon disappeared under heavy clouds. We had a dozen miles to go, and could not break 15mph on the downhills, and consistently dropped to single digits on the climbs. Our 8 riders formed a double peloton, rotating the lead every quarter mile, and still made little progress. It rained briefly, the PAC van stopped and gave us Coke and Rice Crispy treats, and we still were fried, and constantly buzzed by pickups. Here we are on the last turn, with storm clouds behind, less than 4 miles to go.

2015-09-19 16.15.40

Now we are at the Rode Inn in Springerville. We always wash our bikes before bringing them into the room. Here is Eric cleaning up.

2015-09-19 16.48.43

Right now the skies have opened up and we are doing laundry. Such is the exciting life on tour.

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Chris Spear

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