Day 6 Cottonwood to Winslow AZ

Great day for up

After yesterday’s three mountains, we took it easy on a 110 mile day.


It has just one climb. One very long climb, from ~3000 feet to 7500P1000929

I had my usual breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, and anything else that looked tasty. Tim spent the night in his VW camper, on his way to the meet in Jerome, and took some FB photos as we rolled out. Lynn always leaves first and “soft pedals” which means she just warms up, waiting for the rest of us. I was running late so I passed her, looking forĀ  the rest of the team. I have a saying, “No matter how fast you go, you can never catch up with someone behind you.” Yes, Jim, Jim, Greg, and Eddy rolled out after me. We finally joined forces and descended to the Verde River.

At 20 miles the climb started. Not too bad, with prickly pears growing through the guard rail, and a hat-box shaped mesa.


In Mass, an example of a long climb is Mile Hill Road by Wachusetts Mountain that is … well you can guess. Here in AZ we rode for 30 miles, up, up, occasionally a little down, then up some more.


I was feeling good so I rode with Robert from SF and Eddy, stopping at all the water and lunch stops, plus a little where we impressed the clerk when we told her we were headed to Georgia. The route for the entire day had one turn, so at least we couldn’t get lost. Here is a view showing 5 miles of road ahead.


Eddy said I did a few “chasse patatte” which means I was stuck between groups, not getting the advantage of either.

Now we are all safely in our hotel, La Posada, a refurbished Harvey hotel filled with eclectic southwest art and Georgia O’Keefe-inspired surreal works that are both fascinating and a little creepy.

Yes, we are in THAT Winslow AZ, which has a corner dedicated to the Eagle’s song, complete with a statue of someone with a guitar, a mural, and even a real flat-bed Ford on the curb. Jim and I had our photo taken for the Stow Independent.

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Chris Spear

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