Day 4 Blythe CA to Wickenburg AZ

A New Hope

We got an early start this morning to take on a 116 mile day across the desert and over three smallish mountains, and our first border crossing – state border that is.

2015-09-16 08.08.25

The first thing was to find the Colorado River and to get on I-10 to cross it, and into Arizona.


It was a “blue” day so Jim and I wore matching 2015 B2VT jerseys, and Jim Miller from Iowa had one from his shop in Iowa. Greg didn’t get the memo so he wore red, and Lynn showed off her Gran Fondo NYC, as shown in this over the shoulder shot.


We rode along the interstate for miles (legal if there is no alternate route for cyclists) and several of us got flats from the debris. Soon we got onto Rt. 60 and didn’t make another turn for 80 miles. We had several long shallow climbs including riding past the town of Hope. (My apologies to Strunk & White.)


Back in New England, the two bottles of water on my bike last for 40-60 miles, depending on the tempature. Here in the desert we were treated to water stops every 20 miles, and needed them, in addition to guzzling Coke, and chowing down on Pringles, pretzels, and lots of sweet or salty snack food. Just a mile after a water stop my mouth was already dry again. I drank 2 gallons on the ride plus a quart before leaving and at least another at the end of the day.


Our group (Jim M, Jim S, me, Lynn, and Greg) stuck together the whole day, though I did get close to being voted off the island for singing songs about Greek Sailors and TV Party by Black Flag.


The wind was generally on our right, so we made an echelon where the lead rider stayed on the edge of the road, the next rider was on his left and a wheel back, and so forth, staying in the aerodynamic shadow, spread across the entire lane. Three of us had mirrors and could easily see cars behind us two miles away.

We all finished together and then went out for Mexican food and sundaes at McDonald’s.

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Chris Spear

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