Day 27 Metter to Tybee Island GA – Arrival!

Coast to coast

On October 9th, our final day, we rode 89 miles from Metter GA to Tybee Island, off the coast of Savannah. We started in San Diego four weeks ago, rode over mountains, deserts, plains, and almost 3000 miles of road.

2015-10-09 P1020170

While I was relieved to finally complete the trip, this was still a long ride. Not counting the PAC Tour, this was my the 4th longest ride of 2015. On the last Groundhog Day, we got up, had breakfast(s), packed our bags and lined up for the ride. Lynn took the opportunity to get rid of the oatmeal bowl that she bought especially for the trip.

2015-10-09 P1020171

The sun was just peeking over the horizon when we started and the fog made the trip down Rt. 46 a little mystical. None of the photos show this so instead you get a view of riding behind Jay, trying to remember some Allman Brothers songs.

2015-10-09 P1020175

Back home, group rides are often chaotic, especially at the start, with everyone trying to jockey for position, catching up and slowing down. Even on the Tour this happened most days. On our last day everyone was content to get in a line or two and hammer into town.

2015-10-09 P1020177

One small gotcha – there was an automobile accident on the route and we were diverted to a branching road and told to look for Central St. Luckily Jay’s cellphone navigation saved the day and brought us back on course with just a 2 mile detour. Soon we were lined up and headed into the first water stop.

2015-10-09 P1020183

Note Herb right behind Jay. It was very rare to see any cyclists on any day of the Tour. Two riders went by wearing the same distinctive Mt. Clemens, Michigan jersey that Herb often wore. Turns out they were two friends from home who came to surprise Herb and join us on the last day.

One thing I won’t miss is doing my business in the bushes by the side of the road. Especially under a large beehive.

2015-10-09 P1020176

I finally got a (bad) photo of a dog chasing us. Okay, this guy was more of a road hazard than biting, and could barely waddle out of our way.

2015-10-09 P1020180

We rode into Savannah, winding though the streets, past the visitor center and train museum with a steam engine tooting its whistle. Then we headed out to the barrier islands on a narrow causeway that passed by several harbors. Remember, I’m taking these shots while trying to keep in my lane, avoid cars and debris, and not slow down and cause havoc with the person behind me.


We arrived at the Hotel Tybee and took our bikes to the beach to dip them in the Atlantic, finishing our coast to coast trip.

2015-10-09 P1020189

Jim’s wife, Kathy, was there with an appropriate t-shirt for someone who just biked 2900 miles. Jim was an excellent roommate through this entire trip and a great training and riding companion.

2015-10-09 P1020197

I would also like to thank the PAC Tour crew who worked very long hours, day after day, for four weeks (plus more before and after) to give is an amazing experience. They deserve a better photo than this one snapped at the final buffet.

2015-10-09 P1020201

Now I’m in Savannah, resting after a long trip, dreading returning to work, and enjoying time with Laura.

Please support my ride to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Chris Spear

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