Day 24 Greenville to Eufaula AL

Another Beautiful Day in Alabama

Today we rode about 112 miles from Greenville to Eufaula, Alabama with lots of rolling hills.


For the first 25 miles of the ride I wondered if there was going to be anything worth taking a picture, then we rode through Brundidge and went past The Sign Man store.


Across the street was a great mural for the hardware store.


The roads in Alabama were generally very smooth, allowing us to ride quickly even with the headwind. Brundidge had the best pavement of all, probably funded by the Wal-Mart distribution center.

Alabama is the nicest looking state since we left California. Lots of rolling hills, farms, woods, a mix of houses, and friendly people. This reminds me of farms back home.


The only problem with nice homes is that they make boring photos compared to an abandoned one like this.


We were chased by a few dogs today, and these cattle.


This cow (steer?) had a nice log cabin of her (his?) own.


We could barely see the house behind this gate, but it had to be impressive. Click on the photo to see more detail including the white letters on the gate.


Further down the road: For sale – all the parts to build your own Tow-Mater!


My new shoes worked out well, and the “hotfoot” from being squeeze for 8 hours a day is slowly abating. Thank you Cycle Loft in Mass for overnight shipping these to me, and for Lon fast install of the cleats.


As we approached our destination, past the Choctawhatchee River, we were sent down Five Mile Road which had nasty chip seal. Jay and I rode together all day and discovered the hammering from the pavement was just a little easier if we rode on the center yellow line. Luckily there were almost no cars on this section. The PAC Tour organizers sent us this way as the alternative was a busy 4-lane road with no shoulder and way too many cars.


At the end of the ride we all head to the nearest restaurant within walking distance. Pity the poor place that suddenly has 45 customers at 5:30pm, all very hungry. Tonight we overwhelmed the Mexican place next to our hotel. Several of us wanted dessert, but settled for getting a check a half hour after we finished eating. Good thing I treated several people to McShakes beforehand. (Sorry Lynn!)

Three more days, about 300 miles, and we can dip our bikes in the Atlantic Ocean, or toss them in depending on how we feel about ever going for another ride in 2015.

Please support my ride to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Chris Spear

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