Day 2 Julian to El Centro CA

The heat has only started

Last night (day 1) ended with an early Italian dinner, which didn’t quite fill us up. Good thing too as Julian is known for pie. The bakery has a takeout window on the sidewalk so I got an apple boysenberry with a scoop of vanilla while Jim got apple pumpkin with whipped cream. We then headed back to the hotel for our typical early evening. My legs were still cramping so I couldn’t even bend them. Yoicks!

Day 2 of the PAC Tour goes from Julian CA up in the mountains, ~90 miles to El Centro.

Today we started with a 7 mile descent – sweet! As some of you know, I love a good downhill and hang my “sit bones” off the back of the saddle to get a little extra speed. The last section was marked as shown below.

2015-09-14 09.45.44

Right around the corner was the start to another downhill section – shown here with Eddy. 2015-09-14 09.48.48

Right after this we joined with the tour organizers, Lon & Sue in a short pace line. Eddy and I each pulled a little and started a double pace line with at least a dozen riders.This lasted for a few miles until the next climb when we dropped down to six. At the top of the ridge I had everyone pull over for a photo. Jim Salvie, Jim from Iowa, Lynn from NYC, and two more people.

2015-09-14 11.17.22

No cars passed us for at least a half hour, until we came to a border patrol stop. Our destination is El Centro, only a few miles from the Mexican border, so the US Border Patrol sets up stops at choke-points in the US to catch the sort of people Donald Trump loves to hate.

The PAC Tour suggests people bring an “ice sock”. Never heard of this? Neither had I. When you are in the desert, fill a sock with ice and drape it around your neck. Only a few people had one today, but everyone is sure to have one for tomorrow’s desert crossing. Today’s high was supposedly only 99, with a pavement temp of 116. Our last 30 miles had a great tail wind, making for a very fast pace, but depriving us of the cooling breeze. Not that I’m complaining. I would love a 25mph west wind for the rest of the trip!

When I told someone that El Centro was an armpit, they suggested I think a little lower. Our evening plans include dinner at IHOP and laundry. Wahoo!

Please support my ride to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Chris Spear