Day 19 Arkadelphia to Monticello AR

Rode 2000 miles before lunch

Today was a fairly easy day, flat, some tailwinds, and nice roads though central Arkansas.

2015-10-01 P1020050

The service by the PAC Tour people is great. Rebecca gave me a wonderful reflexology foot rub last night and noted that the ball of my feet were being squashed by my shoes. This morning her parents were both helping me with loaner shoes, tweaks to my existing pair, and lots of advice. I tried to order new shoes but either they arrive in the final days of the tour or I pay as much for shipping as for the shoes. Guess I’ll suffer a few more days.

At the start this morning Eddy from Belgium gave me a wink and off we went. We do 2:1 where he pulls for two miles and I struggle for one. Even when Tim helped for a few miles, I was watching my heart rate slowly creep up. By the first water stop I knew this was unsustainable and begged for mercy.

2015-10-01 P1020046

Eddy agreed to dial it back and off we went. This part of Arkansas has a lot of tree farms which means lots of logging trucks. All were excellent drivers, very courteous, giving us a wide berth.

2015-10-01 P1020048

The logging trucks were headed to this mill.

2015-10-01 P1020056

2015-10-01 P1020058

The second water stop was at this pretty Baptist Church in Ramsey.

2015-10-01 P1020049

Who says Baptists don’t have a sense of humor? This sign was a few towns later.

2015-10-01 P1020053

Not long afterwards we passed the 2000 mile mark, in total since we left San Diego. No Pretenders here – we ride EFI (Every Frigging Inch).

Funny thing about Eddy – he has a good old boy heart from living in South Carolina for four years. Forget Belgium, he wants to retire down south, buy a house near a pond, drive a pickup truck, shoot guns and listen to country music. This house seemed particularly attractive.

2015-10-01 P1020051

The rest of the day past quickly. We entered Cleveland County and saw these signs that reminded me of my lovely wife.

2015-10-01 P10200542015-10-01 P1020055

And this store could only be in Arkansas, right Caile?

2015-10-01 P1020059

Tomorrow is the flattest day of the tour, plus we cross the Mississippi River.

Please support my ride to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Chris Spear

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