Day 14 Shamrock TX to Weatherford OK

Oklahoma is OK

We reached the halfway point between San Diego and Savannah, so it is all downhill from here. So long as it is downwind, I’ll be happy. Today we rode 104 miles, mostly on old Route 66.

2015-09-26 07.25.36

This route was laid out in the 1930s and for forty years was the most famous highway in the USA. This two lane concrete ribbon, known as the Mother Road stretched across 3 time zones from Chicago to Santa Monica. Little towns blossomed and business boomed. Then the interstates came along and bypassed all of this and many of the towns withered.

Today we went to Erick OK, home of the Roger Miller museum and the 100th Meridian museum. (West of the 100th, you could not get a bank loan as it was considered desert.)  We were glad to see Erick as the ride started with pouring rain and sleet, so the organizers moved the water stops to come more frequently.

The National Rt. 66 Museum is in Elk City OK, and is a collection of building about the highway and local history. Lynn shocked me in the following picture.

2015-09-26 11.55.56

Later she spotted the original car used in the Grapes of Wrath movie. Next, Robert looked in the window at the Mercantile.

2015-09-26 12.03.28

Jay peeks out from the rain at the drug store.
2015-09-26 12.03.39

The rain stopped and we rode on to Clinton, over concrete and bad asphalt to the Oklahoma Rt. 66 museum. This is focused just on the road known as America’s Main Street, with more detailed displays. Not that you can tell from the following photos showing me and several Jims.

2015-09-26 15.13.50-2

2015-09-26 IMG_1537

Nostalgia is alive and well out here, including Lucille’s Roadhouse where we had a nice, non-steak dinner, including a chocolate milkshake.

My lovely wife said that many of you are asking how I am doing. I am seeing dozens of places that I would never experience any other way, and meeting some real bike fanatics. One unnamed rider’s first job was a stripper at the wiener tunnel at an Oscar Meyer factory. The trip is exhausting, however my saddle sores have given up and let me ride for 8-10 hours a day. Most people ride cross country Pacific to Atlantic to catch the prevailing west winds, but we have had headwinds almost every day. I’ve learned more about our country and the some crazy history, like the cross country foot race in 1928 where participants ran 40 miles a day for a $25,000 prize. They don’t teach that in your high school.

Please support my ride to raise money for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Chris Spear

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