Day 13 Amarillo to Shamrock TX

Finally, an easy day

Today was an easy ride, just 93 miles from the outskirts of Amarillo due east to Shamrock TX. At the start, we rode for 6 miles without seeing a single car. Odd, as we were on Business 40. Not much business there.

What does it mean to have visited a place? Did you just change planes in an airport, watch someone attempt to eat a belly buster steak, or did you get to walk around and talk to a few locals? We didn’t see much of Amarillo while there, however the wind farms were pleasant.

2015-09-25 09.00.49

The fields to the east of Amarillo were flat and dry, with a healthy dose of turbines. The wind was at our back and since it was a short day (less than 100 miles) we could keep our heart rate low and take lots of photos.

2015-09-25 09.12.22

Remember yesterday when I said the grain elevators looked like Oz in the distance? Here is the one at our first water stop. Now imagine it from a mile away in the hazy distance. Rt. 66 will feel like it is paved with yellow bricks.

2015-09-25 09.33.34

We ran into several little creatures on the I-40 access road, this one alive and skittering. We almost got hit by a truck trying to get her photo. This tarantula was at least 4″ across.


One of the nice parts of the PAC tour is that every day is a cookout for lunch. Today in McLean I had a grilled cheese with tomatoes and guacamole. Yum! The town boomed when Rt. 66 came through, and busted when the interstate drew all the cars away. They have a Devils Rope and Rt. 66 Museum that was worth the visit, even if it was full of sweaty bikers of all types.

2015-09-25 13.07.07

(Our hotel in Amarillo had a group of Harley riders from the Czech Republic who came to ride Rt. 66.) In our group, Lynn played Vanna White with samples of barbed wire.

2015-09-25 12.53.39

On the last leg, I rode with Greg from Amarillo, who had never really visited Shamrock. He is a retired railroad engineer, what I like to call a real engineer, running trains up to 13,000 ft long! We pulled into the Chamber of Commerce which is in an Art Deco gas station.

2015-09-25 14.30.29

Fellow riders were getting their photo taken with a local celebrity so I jumped in – it was the mayor of Shamrock, wearing the green!


It was a relaxing day on the bike with a breeze to blow us into this emerald city. Tomorrow – Oklahoma!

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Chris Spear

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