Day 12 Clovis, NM to Amarillo, TX

Will it rain?

Today we rode from Clovis NM to Amarillo TX.


The problem with trying to spice up these descriptions is that we arrived in Clovis later afternoon, ran around trying to get dinner and squeeze in a trip to a pharmacy for all the usual ointments, went to bed by 9pm, up at 6am, eat breakfast and on the road by 7-7:30am. So all we usually see of any town is the hotel strip, generally not the best.

Today was very flat with only one little dip in the city of Canyon. So we anticipated a fast ride. Instead we woke to soaked pavement and lightning to the south, behind the non-stop rumble of passing trains. (I didn’t take a photo of anti-Sharia law billboard in Clovis – it was not worth the electrons.) We soon crossed into our 4th state; so here is Eddy and I agreeing never to return to Clovis.


Now we rolled on Rt. 60 for 80 miles. We passed through towns such as Bovinia and Hereford, so you can guess that there are few vegetarians in this corner of the world. Gasoline was $1.89 / gallon!


The prairie was so flat that distant grain elevators looked like Oz in the distance.

While Jim repaired flat number 99, I took a picture of this little guy who we had seen jumping around since Pie Town NM. (I didn’t take a picture of the frogs and rats, neither who were on the side of the road by their own choice.)


Now we are at the Big Texan Restaurant / Hotel. There is a fleet of limos sporting horns, and the rooms are rustic right down to the faux suede shower curtains.


They serve some great steaks. Our party all ordered the 12oz Ft. Worth cut, which, coincidentally adds up to 72oz, the same weight as the roast that a woman was trying to polish off in 60 minutes up on a stage in the middle of the restaurant. She also had to down a roll, house salad, and a baked potato. Sadly, she was unsuccessful, but avoided chumming her fellow patrons. Our servings were so large that I couldn’t finish my carrot cake, which is hard to believe.

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Chris Spear

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