Day 11 Roswell to Clovis NM

Things go flat

What is there between Roswell and Clovis NM? On our 110 mile ride today, we realized there is … nothing.

2015-09-23 10.07.39

I won’t even bother showing the route profile as it was so flat some riders never shifted out of their big chain ring. Here is the first water stop. Hold your breath.

2015-09-23 09.02.15

We did see wildlife – several flattened coyotes and a live rattler. My front tire went soft before lunch and I quickly replaced it. The cardinal rule with this repair is to find out why it happened, so I quickly ran a finger around the inside of the tire and found nothing. After lunch it flattened again and this time I found the thorn. It was turning into a real blah day. Eddy and a few others helped me fix it.

We rode past hay fields and feed lots – a preview of Texas tomorrow.

2015-09-23 Hay field

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Chris Spear

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