Day 10 Ruidoso to Roswell NM

A good day ruined

Up in the mountains of Ruidoso, the rain stopped before dawn leaving a wonderful sunrise that kissed the hills around our dilapidated hotel.

2015-09-22 06.53.38

Our route was taking us from Ruidoso (home to some great house racing) to Roswell, known for … hold that thought. By car that would be 75 miles due east, but the PAC Tour took us north then southeast.

2015-09-22 07.00.05

The good news is that we started over 7000′ up and finished around 3600′ and the graph looked phenomenal, except for the occasional bump.

2015-09-22 07.00.10

In reality we backtracked though the hills of Ruidoso which meant some high altitude climbing. Then we got on on Rt. 246, which has maybe one ranch every few miles. Here is the water stop, and the termite mound that looked like the Spinx.

2015-09-22 09.17.57

2015-09-22 09.18.07

The real issues started when we turned southeast into a headwind. The road wound back and forth, but even from the side we were blasted all day. There is a ridge of mountains on our left for much of the ride, including Boy Scout Mountain.

2015-09-22 10.48.36

Sadly, I was able to get another shot when Jim M got a flat, assisted by Jim S, with a better view in the background.

2015-09-22 10.55.44

We rode through high desert ranches filled with little more than cactus and dry grass.

[Just a side note, no photos please. Ever wonder what it is like to ride 800 miles in a week? My hands hurt from griping the handlebars for hours, my feet are sore from squeezing into bike shoes, and my back side is unmentionable. Several people are wearing two pairs of bike shorts, the inner pair inside out to help with chafing. Others have brought or purchased replacement saddles to take pressure off places that you don’t really want talk about in pubic. I’ve been alternating Desitin (diaper rash ointment) and antibiotic cream. Maybe I should have brought a spare saddle.]

The headwinds fought us all the way to our Best Western in Roswell. Yes, that town. Not only do they have an Alien Museum, the little green men seem more common than cowboys. Here is the entrance.

2015-09-22 15.44.35

Yes, we should teach the controversy, but parts of this were downright cheesy.

2015-09-22 16.07.10

Or just blatant ripoffs of old Ringo Starr albums.

2015-09-22 16.04.50

The skies opened up and dumped several inches of rain on the city, flooding the streets. Hopefully it will taper off by the morning.

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Chris Spear

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