Best Dam Ride

On Sunday Jim and I rode the King’s Tour of the Quabbin, a great ride in central Massachusetts. For those of you not familiar with the Quabbin Reservoir, this is a man-made lake, built in the 1930’s that supplies water to eastern Mass. This is a hilly area, making for a very challenging ride. Jim and I did the double metric, around 126 mile and somewhere north of 8000 feet of climbing. The scenic high point is the Goodnough Dam and observation tower with a splendid view of hundreds of square miles, and a screaming downhill including a 180 degree turn in a rotary at 25-30mph!2013-06-09 09.34.03

Next year I plan to take it easy and just do the metric century. The course was updated for 2015 and now the 63 mile loop also goes along the dam.

The low point? Petersham! In 2014 a member of the Friends of the Petersham Library approached riders at the town common rest stop, asking for donations. “Nothing personal lady, but I’ve ridden 95 miles, still have at least an hour and a half, and the roads out of town are terrible. I hate Petersham!” I didn’t see her this year. If I only ride the metric in 2016, no Petersham, hooray!