Worst Year on a Bike

OK, it has not been the worst year. My Pan Mass Challenge virtual ride was pretty epic. However, that was the last great ride, and it was in July. Since then, not much.

The x-rays after my July accident didn’t show a break on my left hand, so I wore an ace bandage for a few weeks. In August my left wrist was still sore so I went to my ortho. I go there a lot. How much? Well, they have not named a wing after me, but the X-ray tech remembered my hip issue better than I did. (This may say more about head injuries than broken bones, but I digress.) The x-ray showed nothing, so the doc gave me a splint suitable for carpel tunnel syndrome. When I got home, I found two more of the same splint in the closet. Maybe they are reproducing?


Late August I rode the Ride to Thrive, a fundraiser for a great local cancer recovery center in Harvard MA, which I had helped plan. 5 miles from the end the skies opened up for the first rain in weeks. Just my luck. My wrist complained and I felt overweight, but I was the first to finish. Maybe because everyone else took shelter in Stow.

In September I rode Hub on Wheels, a great Boston tour that includes several miles on Storrow Drive, luckily closed to traffic. Paul and I rode about 40 miles through many parts of Boston I had never even driven on. Highly recommended!


My wrist was still sore in September, post-ride so I went back to the doc who ordered an MRI. I stopped by his office a week later to get the results, on my way to airport. I left with a big orange fiberglass cast to accompany me on my trip to Austin. Fabulous! A broken scaphoid can take months to heal, and I just wasted 2 months dangling my wrist around with no appreciable support.

One high point – I did get the cast signed by Bernard Hinault. Don’t know who he is? You are reading the wrong blog.


The cast came off a month later, replaced with a new splint. Hopefully it will be gone by 2017. Jim just invited me to ride the Triple Bypass in Colorado. Actually the Double-Triple, which is a little there-and-back spin over a few passes in the Rocky Mountains.